Brent Zimmerman believes it does not matter where you grow up. Everyone should have access to the greatest asset class in the world---real estate. Rhove is closing that gap.

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Our community core ties everything we do together.

Everything Brent builds is about creating community. Places where anyone can gather with friends and family. Spaces that let people be at their best. Zimmerman sees this at The Washington and the Saucy Brew Works taprooms. “I think a big piece of what’s missing from humanity is people don’t have the connections they used to.” Zimmerman says. It is what drives him.

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What’s a barrier to my success? Nothing. Next question.

Brent says that too many people equate success with being perfect. He’s found that you just need to get more right than wrong. “The only way to do that is to make mistakes,” Zimmerman says. “You have to get 60% right to survive. Learn from the other mistakes, so you don’t do them again. If you do that, I think you have a healthy chance of doing well forever.”

No step is easy. Especially when you’re at the age where youdon’t know what you don’t know.

Brent spent his childhood in Bellevue Ohio. Growing up in small town Midwest, Brent found deep camaraderie and the value of hard work. “Working through those things as an individual and as a team are the same principles that we use building Saucy and an entertainment and hospitality business”Zimmerman says.

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