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Silvis, IL
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  • 27-unit multifamily apartment
  • Targeting niche audience of active senior’s
  • Ground-up development, currently leasing up
  • Units are currently operating
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A luxury lifestyle
About Empire
Empire offers active seniors a better way of living: a flexible, worry-free lifestyle, access to a wide range of first-class amenities, and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant, active peer community.

This exceptional community offers seniors the advantages they want, without the concerns, expenses, and maintenance responsibilities of typical home ownership or the cost of assisted living facilities.
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Create the market for active senior living

Empire is a 22,901 square foot ground-up new development situated on a 2.81-acre site. The Sponsor finished construction and has begun leasing up the property. In total, Empire has 27 physical units split up across fifteen (15) one-bedroom units, twelve (12) two-bedroom units, and twenty-seven (27) garages.

To the Sponsor’s knowledge, Empire is the only senior living product available in the market and will establish the market rate for this specific target niche. In addition, the target tenant is retired and likely transitioning to renting from homeownership. The Sponsor seeks to strategically appeal to adults seeking a more worry-free lifestyle, first-class amenities, and an active peer community. 

Market Data
The Quad Cities 

The Property is located in Silvis, Illinois. It is 165 miles from both Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois. Silvis is also part of a larger metropolitan area known as the Quad Cities, an area situated across four counties in Illinois and Iowa. The location of Silvis allows for easy access to major metropolitan areas including Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis giving Silvis daily access to millions of people and thousands of businesses. Silvis has easy access to both rail and interstate infrastructure, two major medical centers, and several community college/university districts.

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The Quad Cities hosts more than 30,000 businesses, including Deere & Company World Headquarters, 3M, Alcoa, and the Rock Island Arsenal. The immediate neighborhood for the development contains many entities that would support and complement a senior living development. It includes healthcare providers, shopping, and some market-rate housing options.

Per Moody’s/REIS, income and asking rents are expected to increase annually for the next five years, an estimated 3.2% and 3.0%, respectively. Additionally, vacancy is expected to remain constant in the market, at ~4%. To our knowledge, the Property will be the only senior living product in the market and will establish the market rate for the specific target niche.

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